Brentwood College School – Foote Athletic Centre

Brentwood College School provides a unique and premium student experience and prepares graduates to succeed with strength as they transition into a complex world. The new state of the art Athletic Facility was designed to continue the West Coast themes observed throughout the campus and pays respect and homage to both the natural environment in which it’s located as well as the existing infrastructure on the site. Long term growth of the school including increased diversity of the athletic programs were also key considerations.  The facilities incorporated in the design include gymnasiums, Field House including reception, hosting and viewing, a Strength and Conditioning Gym, Climbing and Bouldering Wall, Cardio/Spin Bike Room, multipurpose studios, a Fitness Centre, Squash Courts, and Office Space.

Contractor: Knappett Projects Inc.
Client: Brentwood College School
Year Completed: 2018
Photographer: silentSama architectural photography