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CLA relocated to their new studio in late 2013. A collaboration between an environmental group, a builder and an architect, the project adapts a 100 year old home into a commercial venture. The creation of a holding company, Community Impacts Holdings, for the purposes of purchasing, renovating, and subsequently leasing a degraded urban asset is both a demonstration project and a viable business venture for the partnership. Both paying ourselves rent and rejuvenating a piece of the urban fabric, the project endeavours to revitalize a corner of the community with commercial animation, accommodate work in proximity to where employees live reducing commuting impacts, and adapt old bones to new uses while retaining the flexibility to revert back to residential use in the future.

Contractor: Linhar Projects Ltd.
Client: Community Impact Holdings
Year Completed: 2013
Photographer: silentSama architectural photography

Edges: a RE proposition

June 18, 2017

Aspirationaly, every architecture project could be an ecotone.

Ecotone – a transition area between two biomes – it is where two communities meet and integrate.

The operative elements of this definition being “meet” and “integrate”. Edge conditions in the built environment have evolved to be separators, demisers, delineators. In the interest of re-engaging with our world, to leveraging physics and moving toward more sustainable solutions, architecture needs these edges to meet AND integrate.

And so, CLA has been putting that idea out to our clients. It’s not a new idea, yet it is a reframing for many folks. Not surprisingly lots of RE words populate the conversation:

  • Re-engaging
  • Re-framing
  • Re-storation
  • Re-generation
  • Re-connect

All of these edges of RE bring us closer to meeting and integrating. With what? With the context in which a built environment operates, and that includes nature. And with an ecotone, the focus is on transition – there are no barriers, separators, demisers or delineators. Time to re-imagine the possibilities!

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Writen By Christine Lintott