CANstruction 2018

Another successful build for our 5th year participating in CANstruction Victoria at Hillside Mall!

This years theme was Around the World and our “CANtainer Ship” took home the Honorable Mention Award.

Congratulations to The Dahlia Society, The Mustard Seed Food Bank, the volunteers and 12 participating teams for an incredible job well done!

For more information about this extremely generous event, and photos of the 12 teams structures, please click HERE

Building Lasting Change

Deepening her engagement with the discipline of Biomimicry, Christine and fellow Vancouver Island Biomimicry Professional, Anne-Marie Daniel, attended the Canada Green Building Council’s Annual conference. Addressing this year’s theme, Building Lasting Change, their attendance sparked discussion and excitement around biomimicry philosophy and methodology as inspiration for design solutions for the built environment.

The idea of nature as mentor resonated. Invitations to lead workshops and give presentations were offered from as far away as Costa Rica, and included regional and local governments, educators, design professionals and business owners. Stepping in to meet the need, Ann-Marie and Christine will be offering their first workshop on Vancouver Island on October 4 through 6, 2017.

Edges: a RE proposition

Aspirationaly, every architecture project could be an ecotone.

Ecotone – a transition area between two biomes – it is where two communities meet and integrate.

The operative elements of this definition being “meet” and “integrate”. Edge conditions in the built environment have evolved to be separators, demisers, delineators. In the interest of re-engaging with our world, to leveraging physics and moving toward more sustainable solutions, architecture needs these edges to meet AND integrate.

And so, CLA has been putting that idea out to our clients. It’s not a new idea, yet it is a reframing for many folks. Not surprisingly lots of RE words populate the conversation:

  • Re-engaging
  • Re-framing
  • Re-storation
  • Re-generation
  • Re-connect

All of these edges of RE bring us closer to meeting and integrating. With what? With the context in which a built environment operates, and that includes nature. And with an ecotone, the focus is on transition – there are no barriers, separators, demisers or delineators. Time to re-imagine the possibilities!

Hope House Dormitory

On the evening of April 21, 2016, the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board awarded the Award of Excellence in the non-market housing category to Brentwood College School for the Hope House dormitory project. Thank you to the Brentwood Facilities team of Scott Murray and Tom Shadlock for their leadership on the project. Knappett Projects and their exceptional team of sub-trades delivered this project ahead of schedule and on budget, under the direction of project manager Dan Behrens and site superintendent Harry Slobodan. And a special thank you to Ward Philips for his exceptional stewardship of the team on behalf of the Board of Governors, without which a project of this caliber would not be possible.